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The Tank on the Edge of Death | D&D 5e Build Guide

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*This article is an edited version of the script for this video


Half-Orc. The main reason being Relentless Endurance, this is the first of many ways we’ll get to come back up to 1 hp.

Ability Scores(point buy):

Str: 10

Dex: 15(+2)

Con: 8

Int: 10

Wis: 15(+1)

Cha: 13

Ability Score Priorities(if rolling):

#1 Dex

#2 Wis

#3 At least 13 in Cha for multiclassing(optionally for warlock levels later on)

Ideal Equipment:

-Any d10 Versatile Weapon

-Might want armor, ill mention it later

Level 1: Fighter 1

-Fighting Style: Defense if you’re using armor or you can go with Great weapon fighting or Interception

-Second Wind

Levels 2-12: Monk 1-11

-Unarmored Defense: If you rolled for your ability scores and you rolled very well and are starting with a 17+ AC using this than I would go with this, otherwise I would go with the best armor you can get

-Martial Arts: We can use our Dexterity for monk weapons and lets us make unarmed strikes as a bonus action

-Ki: All of these options will be useful in certain scenarios but if you’re focusing on defense the main one you’ll want to use is patient defense to dodge as a bonus action when you’re expecting a lot of attacks to come your way

-Dedicated Weapon: This is a great optional rule that will allow us to use a d10 versatile weapon that we got proficiency with from fighter

-2 ASIs or Feats: Piercer or Slasher could be good choices to boost an odd dexterity score depending on the weapon you’re using. Otherwise just boost your dex or wis

-Stunning Strike: Not very useful against enemies with a high con score but if you are able to land it this is a great ability to help keep you alive and help you and you’re allies do a bit more damage

-Evasion: One of the best abilities for defense

-Monastic Tradition: Way of the Long Death

—Touch of Death: Gives us temp hp when we kill an enemy

—Hour of Reaping: Can make enemies frightened which would give them disadvantage on their attacks

—Mastery of Death: The main reason we are here. Any time we would go to 0 hp we can use 1 ki point to go to 1 hp.

Levels 13-20: 4 Variations

-Undying Warlock: I can’t believe Im recommending this subclass but for this build it actually makes a lot of sense. The defy death feature is actually pretty decent for this build. If you do finally go unconsious you can come back up as long you succeed 1 death saving throw. It also gets the death ward spell which you could either stack multiple of on your self or you could give death wards to the other people in your party to help their survivability as well. You could also get death ward from undead warlock

-Hexblade Warlock: If you want a smaller warlock dip you could do a level or two in hexblade to get the shield spell with spell slots that come back on a short rest. You could even potentially do this instead of the fighter level since you get similar things from hex warrior.

-Cavalier Fighter: 2 more levels in fighter to get a taunt ability if you want to make enemies attack you more often.

-More levels in monk to get to Diamond Soul for proficiency in all saves and also empty body if you make it all the way to 18th level in monk.

-And you’ll probably get 1-2 feats depending on which of these variations you do. I would go with Lucky and/or Tough to further increase our survivability.

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