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The Oathbreaker Death Knight | Build Guide for D&D 5e

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Original Video:

*This article is an edited version of the script for this video

Race: Aasimar from Monsters of the Multiverse

-Celestial Revelation: Necrotic Shroud

Background: Strixhaven(if allowed)

Ability Scores(Point Buy):

Str: 15(+1)

Dex: 8

Con: 15(+1)

Int: 8

Wis: 8

Cha: 15(+1)

If rolling for ability scores prioritize Cha, Str, and Con in that order

Ideal Equipment:

-Any d8 one-handed weapon


-Plate Armor

-Arcane Focus

Level 1: Paladin 1

-Lay on Hands

-Divine Sense

Level 2: Warlock 1

-Otherworldly Patron: Undead

–Form of Dread: Main/Most consistent way of frightening enemies

-Spells: Booming Blade, Eldritch Blast, Bane, Hex

Level 3: Warlock 2

-Spells: Armor of Agathys

-Invocations: Agonizing Blast, Repelling Blast or maybe Devil’s Sight

Level 4: Paladin 2

-Spells: Bless, Cure Wounds, Command(Maybe Shield of Faith)

-Divine Smite

-Fighting Style: Defense or Dueling(Maybe Blessed Warrior for utility)

Level 5: Paladin 3

-Sacred Oath: Oathbreaker

—Oath Spells: Hellish Rebuke may be good in some cases

—Channel Divinity: Control Undead will be good in certain situations. Dreadful Aspect will be one of our main ways to frighten and thus control our enemies.

-Harness Divine Power

-2 Eldritch Blast beams

Level 6: Paladin 4

-ASI or Feat: War Caster

Level 7: Paladin 5

-Extra Attack

-2nd level spells: Find Steed, Aid, Lesser Restoration

Level 8: Paladin 6

-Aura of Protection

Level 9: Paladin 7

-Aura of Hate


-If your campaign will end around level 11 I would just take paladin to level 9 to at least pick up animate dead

Level 10: Sorcerer 1

-Spells: Green Flame Blade, Guidance, Spare The Dying, Maybe Lightning Lure. Shield, Silvery Barbs

-Sorcerous Origin: Divine Soul

—Favored By The Gods

—Cure Wounds or Bless for free spell

Level 11: Sorcerer 2

-Font of Magic

-Spells: Absorb Elements

Level 12: Sorcerer 3


—Subtle Spell, Quickened Spell or Seeking Spell(is a bit expensive)

-Spells: Healing Word or Spiritual Weapon

Level 13: Sorcerer 4

ASI or Feat: +2 Cha

Level 14: Sorcerer 5

-Magical Guidance

-Spells: Spirit Guardians, Animate Dead

Level 15: Sorcerer 6

-Empowered Healing

-Spells: Counterspell, or Aura of Vitality or Mass Healing Word

Level 16: Sorcerer 7

-4th Level Spells

Level 17: Sorcerer 8

-ASI or Feat: +2 Cha

Level 18: Sorcerer 9

-5th Level Spells: Synaptic Static(good debuff)

Level 19: Sorcerer 10

-Additional Metamagic: Whichever you didn’t take at 3 or maybe heightened spell now that we have big spells

Level 20: Sorcerer 11

-Spells: Create Undead

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