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The Best Druid Subclass? Stars Druid Build Guide for D&D 5e

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Original Video:

*This article is an edited version of the script for this video

Race: Custom Lineage. Free Feat: Fey or Shadow Touched, though any Wis half feat would work

Background: If you are allowed to take them the strixhaven backgrounds are incredible, if not or if you just don't like them just pick your favorite

Starting Ability Scores(Point Buy):

Str: 8

Dex: 12

Con: 15

Int: 8

Wis: 15(+2 from race)(+1 from Fey Touched)

Cha: 13

Level 1: Druid 1. Best concentration spells will likely be Faerie Fire or Entangle. Nothing else of note, build really starts at lvl 2

Level 2: Druid 2. Huge boost in damage thanks to Archer Starry form and free guiding bolts. Giving advantage to the Archer bonus action or another player most turns is also very good. If you instead would like to heal, Chalice can be very good.

Level 3: Druid 3. 2nd level spells. Summon Beast is likely the best concentration if you can get the material components. Spike Growth + Thorn Whip could also be an interesting combo.

Level 4: Druid 4. ASI or Feat. War Caster or Resilient Con are very good picks for maintaining concentration. Which one to pick depends on how good Con modifier is.

Level 5: Druid 5. 3rd level spells. Several options for concentration, upcast Summon Beast, Summon Fey, or Conjure Animals depending on your house rule. It will likely be very good. If the summoning spells don’t seem right for the situation or you want to save some spell slots, Call Lightning could also be a very good option.

Level 6: Sorcerer 1. Divine Soul Origin. Bless is likely the best free spell choice and another great and cheap concentration spell. Favored by the gods helps us on our weaker saving throws or an important attack roll. Shield and Silvery Barbs for spell choices. This gives our reaction something to do and builds up our defenses. Mage Armor could also be considered

Level 7: Druid 6. Cosmic Omen. Another good reaction ability. Odd/Woe could replace shield in certain situations. 7th level caster and thus 4th level spell slots. Can upcast summon spells.

Level 8: Druid 7. 4th level spells. Conjure Woodland Beings is very good if you are able to choose what you get. Several other good spells

Level 9: Druid 8. 5th level spell slots to upcast with. You’re now able to fly with Wild Shape. Another ASI or Feat. Likely ASI to cap wisdom.

Level 10: Druid 9: 5th level druid spells. Summon spells are still likely best for concentration.

Level 11: Druid 10. Twinkling Constellations. Big damage and healing increase for Archer and Chalice. Dragon becomes significantly better. Huge versatility increase being able to change constellations at the start of each turn. Archer is now effectively a 4th level spiritual weapon.

Level 12: Druid 11. 6th level druid spells. Lots of good utility. Best concentration is still likely the summon spells.

Level 13: Druid 12. 7th level spell slots for upcasting. ASI or Feat. Several options if Wisdom is maxed. War Caster or Resilient Con if you don’t have them for concentration. Metamagic Adept could be interesting. My first two metamagic choices are explained at level 16. Tough for increased hp. Resilient Dex could also work. Or just an ASI on Con or Dex could be good too if your Wis is maxed.

Level 14: Druid 13. 7th level druid spells. Reverse Gravity could be a good option for concentration.

Level 15: Druid 14. 8th level spell slot to upcast. Full of Stars, good defensive ability as these are the most common damage types

Levels 16 and 17: Sorcerer 2 and 3. 9th level slot to upcast. Metamagic. Subtle Spell and Twinned Spell. Subtle Spell to avoid counterspells mainly, may have wanted to do this earlier if counterspells are common against you. Twinned spell makes our free uses of guiding bolt much better and has some additional uses as well. Pick whatever 2 additional spells you’d like, just remember Charisma is not very high.

Levels 18-20: Druid 15-17: 8th and 9th level druid spells. Timeless Body and Beast Spells. Cool but not incredibly useful for us as we will likely use Starry Form more often. Could possibly go to 5th level in sorc. Pick whatever you’d like for ASI or Feat

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