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The Anti-Support Troll | D&D 5e Build Guide(April Fools Build)

Original Video:

*This article is an edited version of the script for this video



Ability Scores(point buy):

Str: 13

Dex: 8

Con: 9(+1)

Int: 13

Wis: 14

Cha: 15(+2)

Ability Score Priorities(if rolling):

Need at least a 13 in Str, Int, Wis, and Cha to be able to do all of the builds multi-classes

Ideal Equipment:

-Arcane Focus

-Holy Symbol

-If you want to pretend to be trying you can get armor and a weapon as well

Levels 1-6: Cleric 1-6


—Cantrips: Any damage cantrip(use it on downed allies and say its Spare the Dying)

—1st: Bane(say its bless but tell your DM to subtract the d4 instead), Sanctuary(on enemies), Shield of Faith(on enemies)

—2nd: Aid(on enemies), Zone of Truth(get your allies to talk about things they don’t want to)

—3rd: Bestow Curse(say it’s Remove Curse or Lesser Restoration but you give them a 2nd debuff), Glyph of Warding(create traps in your parties base), Speak with Dead(to speak with your party members after they die to your trolling)

-Divine Domain: Twilight Domain

—Channel Divinity: Twilight Sanctuary, the most OP channel divinity and you’re only going to be giving it to your enemies to make fights harder.

-ASI or Feat: Skill Expert: +1 Cha and Deception. You’ll probably have to do a lot of lying to keep up the act.

Levels 7-8: Wizard 1-2


—Cantrips: Encode Thoughts(use this to give info to your enemies), Friends(use this and immediately end it to make people hostile towards you and your party)

—1st: Find Familiar, Silent Image(create illusions to trick your party), Silvery Barbs(make your allies re-roll high rolls and give enemies advantage), Unseen Servant(take things from your allies)

-Arcane Tradition: School of Divination

—Portent: Give good rolls to your enemies and bad rolls to your allies. With this one your party will have no way to tell either.

Levels 9-15: Paladin 1-7

-Lay on Hands: Pretend to attack an enemy and heal them instead

-Fighting Style: Interception or Protection to reduce the damage your enemies take

-Spells: A lot of the spells we can get here were already mentioned on cleric, some of them could benefit from the higher spell save DC.

-Sacred Oath: Oathbreaker

-Aura of Protection and Aura of Hate: Stay away from your party and close to your enemies to give the buff to damage to your enemies and to stop your party from getting the bonus to saving throws.

-ASI or Feat: Telekinetic, +1 to Cha and lets you get your party closer to the enemies

Levels 16-20: Sorcerer 1-5


—Cantrips and 1st level are pretty much the same as wizard. Again, they could benefit from the higher save DC.

—2nd: Crown of Madness(take control of neutral or friendly NPCs and make them enemies), Detect thoughts(read your party members minds and maybe even tell your enemies what you learn), Suggestion(similar to crown of madness but the commands can be more complex and not just about combat), Wither and Bloom(damage your party and heal enemies)

—3rd: Counterspell(counter your party’s spells), Haste(buff one of your allies for a moment but lose concentration as soon as you can so they lose a turn)

-Sorcerous Origin: Wild Magic

—Wild magic surges for just a bit of added chaos

-Metamagic: By far the best one for this build is going to be Subtle Spell, this will let you hide a lot of the spells you’re using against your party.

-ASI or Feat: Telepathic, +1 Cha to get it to 20 and lets you speak to your enemies without your party knowing

-Magical Guidance: Re-roll those Deception or Slight of Hand checks when you’re trolling

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