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Secretly the Best Fighter Subclass? Arcane Archer Build Guide for D&D 5e

Original Video:

*This article is an edited version of the script for this video

Race: Custom Lineage, Variant Human could work as well

Feat: Sharpshooter

Ability Scores(point buy):

Str: 8

Dex: 14

Con: 13

Int: 15(+2)

Wis: 9

Cha: 13

Ability Score Priorities(if rolling):

#1: Int

#2: Dex

#3: Con

#4: At least 13 Cha for multiclassing

Ideal Equipment:


-Half Plate

-Spellcasting Focus

Levels 1-3: Artificer 1-3

-Spells: None required for the build. Absorb Elements and Faerie Fire would be good choices. Mending for Steel Defender

-Infusions: Repeating Shot

-Artificer Specialist: Battle Smith

—Battle Ready, lets us attack with our Int

—Steel Defender, gives us a bonus action attack and can help defend our party

Levels 4-8: Fighter 1-5

-Fighting Style: Archery

-Action Surge

-Martial Archetype: Arcane Archer

—Arcane Shot: As I discussed in the first video the main thing we want from this is Grasping Arrow. We can put this on a big target and the first time they move each turn they take 2d6 damage.

-ASI or Feat: Fey Touched, +1 Int. Some good spell options: Silvery Barbs, Gift of Alacrity, Bless

-Extra Attack

Level 9: Warlock 1

-Otherworldly Patron: Genie(Dao)

—Genie’s Wrath: Gives us additional bludgeoning damage when we hit with an attack once per turn

Level 10: Fighter 6

-ASI or Feat: Crusher, +1 Con. Gets our Con to 14 increasing our max hp and gives us another forced movement option every turn thanks to Genie’s Wrath we picked up last level.

Levels 11-20: Fighter 7-16

-4 ASIs or Feats: Resilient: Wis, Lucky, +2 Int, Alert

-Indomitable. Not the best, I would probably only use it on saves you’re proficient in

-Extra Attack x2

-Curving Shot, gives us a 2nd chance to hit with our arcane shots

-Ever-Ready Shot, with this we should be able to use Grasping Arrow every combat

Another option you can consider if you don’t think you need Ever-Ready Shot is 2 levels of War Magic Wizard. We don’t cast very many spells if any so Arcane Deflection is a really good defensive reaction we can use pretty much every turn.

You could also not take the Artificer levels so you can get to 18th level in fighter where your arcane shot options scale to 4d6.

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