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Our Top 3 Multiclass Ideas

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This article was transcribed from this video:

Multiclassing is an interesting aspect to D&D and we're showcasing three multiclass build ideas.

Our first build is a "sleuth" or "detective" type build, which would work better for role-play than actual combat, though it could be more optimized for combat depending on how one chooses to build this character.

At level 1, we'll start as a Knowledge Domain Cleric and by the end of the build, we'll be a level 6 Cleric and a level 14 Rogue. Our Rouge subclass will be the "Inquistive" subclass.

At level 6, we'll have a few key abilities that make sense for a sleuth or detective build. We'll have our Channel Divinity called "Read Thoughts" which will be useful for trying to gain knowledge and insight about a targeted person's surface thoughts. Additionally, we'll have the Suggestion spell which is useful for getting people to do what we want them to do.

The Inquisite Rogue also has a number of interesting abilities that would be useful for a sleuth. At level 3, we'll have "Eye for Detail" which allows us to make Wisdom (Perception) checks to spot hidden creatures or objects or make an Intelligence (Investigation) check to decipher clues. We'll also have "Insightful Fighting" which allows us to roll an Insight check to try to figure out an opponent's deceptive abilities and be able to Sneak Attack them even if we don't have advantage. At level 9, we'll have advantage on Perception and Investigation checks if we move no more than half our speed on a turn. Finally, at level 13, we'll have the ability to sense the presence of illusions, shape-changers, and other magic designed to deceive the senses within 30 feet of us, as long as we're not blinded or deafened.

Our second build is a Druid Wizard. We'll start at level 2 as a Druid and hopefully reach level 6 as a Wizard. We'll take Circle of the Moon as our Druid Circle and Bladesinging Wizard as our school. The main advantage of this build is that Blade Song can be used while Wild Shaped, so the best way to use this in combat would be to turn into a Direwolf. Direwolves have Pack Tactics, high hit points, and the ability to knock people prone.

Our third and final build combines a Sorcerer and a Warlock. We recommend starting with Sorcerer, then taking two to three levels of Warlock, depending on the character will be played. This way, you can maximize sorcery points and full caster spell slots. There are many different builds that can be done with this multi-class but one of the coolest is what's known as the "Coffee Lock." This build allows you to take a short rest, recharging your Warlock spell slots, then converting them into sorcery points, and using those sorcery points to refuel your Sorcerer spell slots. This process can be repeated multiple times until you reach maximum capacity.

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