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Our Top 3 Favorite D&D 5e Feats!

This article has been transcribed from this video:

The world of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons is full of exciting feats and abilities for players to explore and enjoy. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular feats and what makes them so special.

First up, we have the Sentinel feat. This is a control feat that gives players the ability to hit someone with an opportunity attack and stop them from moving. This is especially useful in melee situations, where players can hit their opponents repeatedly if they try to leave. The Sentinel feat also works with the Polearm Master feat, allowing players to hit their enemies with an opportunity attack and keep them 10 feet away. This can lead to some hilarious moments, especially when two players both have the Sentinel feat.

Next, we have the Eldritch Adept feat. This feat allows players to choose an eldritch invocation from the warlock class and gives them access to powerful abilities like Devil's Sight, which allows players to see through darkness, and Eyes of the Rune Keeper, which allows players to read all writing. The Misty Visions feat is also worth mentioning, as it allows players to cast an infinite number of silent images and disguise themselves with the Mask of Many Faces spell. Each time a player levels up, they can choose a different invocation, making this feat incredibly versatile.

Finally, we have the Warcaster feat, which is a must-have for players who enjoy the spell sword playstyle. This feat allows players to fight with a weapon in one hand and cast spells with the other, giving them the advantage of being able to cast spells instead of making opportunity attacks. It also gives players an advantage on their concentration checks, which is especially important for casters like Clerics and Druids. The Warcaster feat also allows players to hold a shield and a staff as a spellcaster, giving them the versatility to defend themselves while still casting spells.

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