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Never Take These Feats in D&D 5e

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This article was transcribed from this video:

When it comes to picking feats, it's important to remember that they're not all created equal, and some may not be worth taking. In a recent video, we discussed three feats that we believe players should avoid taking.

These feats are "Dungeon Delver," "Mage Slayer," and "Skulker."

The first feat we discussed, "Dungeon Delver," leaves a lot to be desired, due to its limited usefulness. This feat provides benefits such as advantage on saving throws against traps and resistance to traps, but it is only useful in specific circumstances, such as when in a dungeon. We also pointed out that this feat is not as useful as it seems, as secret doors and traveling at a fast pace in dungeons are not common occurrences.

The second feat, "Mage Slayer," is also lacking in benefits. We're pretty disappointed with this feat, as we initially believed it would be a good choice, but it turned out to be too situational and not providing enough benefits to justify its selection. This feat allows characters to make a melee attack against spellcasters within five feet, but typically smart mages will avoid getting so close to the party.

Finally, the third feat discussed, "Skulker," is considered a waste of a feat. The benefits provided by this feat, such as hiding while lightly obscured and not revealing one's position when missing with a ranged attack, are easily obtainable through other means. We recommend taking other feats, such as "Shadow Touched", to gain access to a free cast of Invisibility (and boost an Ability Score by one!) instead of taking this feat.

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