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Diablo Demon Hunter Inspired Character Build for D&D 5e

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Original Video:

*This article is an edited version of the script for this video


Variant Human

Feat: Crossbow Expert


Strixhaven(if allowed)

Ability Scores(Point Buy):

Str: 8

Dex: 15(+1)

Con: 14

Int: 15(+1)

Wis: 10

Cha: 8

Priorities if rolling:

1: Dex

2: Int

3: Con

Level 1: Artificer 1


–Important Spells: Guidance, Faerie Fire(Main Concentration)

-Magical Tinkering

-Starting Artificer for Con save proficiency

Level 2: Blood Hunter 1

-Hunter’s Bane

-Blood Maledict

–Blood Curse Choices: Binding is likely the best and first I would take. Fallen Puppet and Eyeless are good because they are reactions. Exposure could be good to still deal rite damage to resistant creatures. Anxious could be good if another party member has an important Wis save.

Level 3: Blood Hunter 2

-Fighting Style: Archery

-Crimson Rite: Rite of the Flame(small synergy later on)

Level 4: Blood Hunter 3

-Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Profane Soul

–Pact Magic

—Important Spells: Hex(Concentration if we already have advantage, but don’t forget we can still use these spell slots for Faerie Fire)

–Rite Focus: Fiend

—I am not even going to calculate it in the damage numbers so pick a different one if you’d like but it is slightly more damage. I also like this one because it doesn’t use up our Blood Curses.

Level 5: Blood Hunter 4

-ASI or Feat: Sharpshooter

Level 6: Blood Hunter 5

-Extra Attack

-Hemocraft Die goes up to a d6


Round 1: Cast Faerie Fire and activate rite if not already active(you can activate it at the start of the day at it stays active for the entire day)


Cast Hex if you already have advantage

Round 2+:

Action: Shoot Twice

Bonus Action: Shoot Again

Damage Per Round Vs 16 AC

Advantage: 40.45

No Advantage: 25.05

Advantage and Hex: 48.19

Level 7: Blood Hunter 6

-Brand of Castigation: Cool feature for tracking and some extra potential damage

-Additional use of Blood Maledict and an additional Blood Curse

-2nd 1st level spell slot

Level 8: Artificer 2

Infusions: Repeating Shot, Enhanced Defense

Level 9: Artificer 3

-Artificer Specialist: Armorer

–Tools of the Trade: Heavy Armor and Smith’s Tools proficiency

–Arcane Armor: No Str requirement

–Armor Model: Infiltrator(lightning launcher, +5 movement speed and plate armor without disadvantage on stealth, could do breastplate for -2 to ac but advantage on stealth)

-35 ft movement speed and 21 AC with plate and shield

-Right Tool for the Job: Can make tools

Level 10: Rogue 1


-Sneak Attack: New main way of increasing damage

-Thieves’ Cant

Level 11: Rogue 2

-Cunning Action: Dash, Disengage, or Hide as a Bonus Action

Level 12: Rogue 3

-Roguish Archetype: Arcane Trickster


—Find Familiar, Silvery Barbs

–Mage Hand Legerdemain

-Steady Aim: Likely won’t use much as we can shoot or use curse of binding as bonus actions

-Sneak Attack to 2d6

Level 13: Rogue 4

-ASI or Feat: +2 to Dex for 18

Level 14: Rogue 5

-Uncanny Dodge

-Sneak Attack to 3d6

Level 15: Rogue 6

-More Expertise

Level 16: Rogue 7


-Sneak Attack to 4d6

-2nd Level Spells

Level 17: Rogue 8

-ASI or Feat: +2 to Dex for 20

-Another Spell from any school of magic: Web

Level 18: Rogue 9

-Sneak Attack to 5d6

-Magical Ambush, changes tactics on our first round of combat. Now you should Hide as a bonus action and then cast Web or Faerie Fire and all of the targets of the spell you hid from have disadvantage on the saving throw. This gives us a much better round 1 bonus action as our Rite should already be on our weapon from the beginning of the day.

Level 19: Rogue 10

-ASI or Feat: +2 to Int

Level 20: Rogue 11

-Reliable Talent

-Sneak Attack to 6d6

Damage Per Round Vs 20 AC:

Advantage: 77.16

No Advantage: 55.76

Advantage and Hex: 86.06

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